Medical Devices

Medical Devices

To find out that something implanted in your body might be dangerous or has harmed you can be a terrifying and distressing experience. The injuries caused by defective medical devices can be painful, expensive to treat, and mentally and physically debilitating. Your fear, regret, and anxiety may make you want to blame your doctors or even yourself for having such a thing implanted in your body. However, if you are willing to speak up, you may be able to hold accountable the wrongdoer: the company that sold the defective implant.

A medical device lawsuit is a demand that the manufacturer of the defective device compensate you for the effects that the device has had on your life. If you can prove your claim, the manufacturer may be required to pay for your medical bills, disability, lost wages from work, mental anguish, physical pain, harm to your relationship with your family, and other ways you have been harmed. The compensation you are paid is to help make you whole again, to the extent that money ever can. A lawsuit may also inform the public about the manufacturer’s wrongdoing, and deter that company and other companies from similar wrongdoing in the future.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective medical device, consider hiring an attorney to represent you against the company that made the device. You may be entitled to substantial monetary compensation. The legal system can be difficult to understand, and the lawsuit process intimidating. Entrusting your legal rights to someone else is never easy, but our experienced staff will be there to help you through the process the entire way. Call us today to schedule a free consultation. 

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