Pradaxa, also known by the generic name dabigatran, is a blood-thinner medication. Blood-thinners reduce the blood’s ability to clot, which is why blood-thinners are prescribed for people who are at risk for blood clots. Many people take Pradaxa because they have atrial fibrillation (also called a-fib) to reduce the risk of a clot that might cause a stroke.

However, Pradaxa has a dangerous potential side effect: Pradaxa can cause uncontrollable, even life-threatening bleeding. The manufacturer of Pradaxa has been sued thousands of times for serious bleeds caused by Pradaxa. In 2014, the manufacturer paid $650 million to settle the claims pending at that time. Since 2014, people who suffered bleeding injuries caused by Pradaxa have filed new lawsuits against the manufacturer.

Hunter Linville currently serves on the Plaintiff’s Executive Committee in the state-wide Pradaxa litigation in California and helped his clients recover millions of dollars through the Pradaxa settlement in 2014. Since 2014, Hunter and Blake Tanase have filed thousands more Pradaxa lawsuits and worked on the Pradaxa bellwether trials.

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